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Investing in gold today remains a valid choice because it is considered a valuable asset.
This makes it an investment on which to secure your capital.

BMI Group since 2001 we offer a real service to people

GoldInvest today is a reality that exclusively markets minted investment gold bars with denominations from 1 to 1000 grams and is able to deliver throughout Europe thanks to the agreement with the major security services in the area. . Each bar is accompanied by a guarantee certificate and is identified with a serial number.
Within our portal ( shop area ) you can view our line of minted bars with their characteristics: purity, weight, country of origin, etc. and allows you to make purchases of our products simply by registering your personal data and choosing a username and password for access to the reserved area.


The factories of the BMI Group, equipped with the latest generation refining and analysis laboratory are guaranteed by a staff of qualified and highly professional technicians able to offer a fast and efficient service, have become a point of reference for all goldsmith operators by offering a 360-degree service also to companies in the sector, guaranteeing its customers the best results in the recovery and refining of precious metals.

The factory, the real flagship of the company, is located at the Group's headquarters in an area of 3500 square meters, of which 1500 are covered. In the suitably divided plant, there are independent departments dedicated to foundry services (Melting, Refining, Analysis laboratory) and 2 Banco Metalli branches, essential for the purchase and sale of precious metals, and the management and administrative offices of the Foundry and the Group. All working environments are optimal, both from the point of view of production and respect for the environment.

Establishment and company growth

The important investment was made with a view to increasing the size and level of services that the BMI Group offers on the market and updating the production process aimed at making the services rendered increasingly reliable.

Perché investire in oro?

Investire in oro significa mettere i tuoi risparmi al riparo dell’inflazione, garantendoti un aumento costante del valore investito;
L’oro è da sempre il bene rifugio per eccellenza e nella crisi economica della pandemia del 2020 ha confermato questa sua caratteristica, nonostante molti analisti sostenessero il contrario. 
In periodi di incertezza e di instabilità economica/monetaria investire in oro è da sempre l’unico modo per mettere a protezione la propria ricchezza o più semplicemente, anche come idea regalo (es. come regalo per battesimi, nascita di figli o un regalo di lusso per celebrare i momenti più importanti della vita come il 25°\50° anniversario di matrimonio, o come piano di accumulo per i propri figli.)

Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed.


Protect your savings from inflation
guaranteeing a steady increase in your invested value.

European shipping

We ship to Europe with safe couriers and blisters.

Guaranteed Quality

Ingots marked by serial number.

Real Prices

Gold prices always updated to market prices.

Secure Payments

Maximum security protocols and systems.

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